The Details

We’re pretty sure you have a few questions.  You’ll likely find the answers below. 

If not, feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you.

Are your wedding ceremonies legal and binding?

Yes they are.  We are licensed marriage officiants in the province of British Columbia and as such are able to perform legal wedding ceremonies anywhere within the province. 

You will be responsible to obtain your own marriage license and bring it with you to the ceremony.  After the ceremony we will submit the paperwork on your behalf to Vital Statistics BC.

Where will you perform weddings?

We can perform a ceremony anywhere within the Province of BC.  We are based out of the Fraser Valley and generally do weddings within a 50 km radius.  We will travel beyond that but will charge a nominal travel fee.  

That being said, Jenny frequently travels to the Okanagan and has performed many weddings in that beautiful area. There is only a small fee to help cover the cost of gas. Check with her to see if she plans to be in the Okanagan area for your wedding date!

What will you wear?

That is up to you.  We have nice clothes that we are happy to wear.  You can also request a more casual look if that suits your special day, just let us know.  

We will even put on a hockey jersey, a baseball cap or something else that may fit the theme of your wedding.

We might draw the line at a skydiving outfit or a scuba suit…..but you can always ask!

How do we pay you and do you take tips?

In the top right corner is a button for a “Deposit” page with a paypal link on it.  Once we agree that you want us to perform your ceremony we will ask you to go to that page and make a (non-refundable) $150 deposit.  We will send you an invoice for the remainder of your balance 1-2 months prior to your ceremony.

As for tipping – It is never expected but always appreciated.  

Do you have any recommended vendors that you work with?

We have a number of friends and colleagues in the business.  They are very skilled at what they do and have been doing this for a long time.  We are happy to share them with you upon request.  


Can you tell me more about I Do My Way?

I Do My Way is a complete wedding ceremony builder that includes all the resources you need to customize your own ceremony.  These include: opening words, vows, statement of intents, prayers, scriptures, closing words and a bunch more. You make your choices and we fill in the rest so the ceremony flows seamlessly.

It also includes advice from professionals to assist you along the way with creating a great ceremony.  It is pretty self explanatory once you start using it.  

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